Lights … camera … Apple?

The tech giant appears to be taking another step into the movie-making business, reportedly signing up Hollywood studio A24 to expand its presence. The Wall Street Journal said that Apple will work with A24 to produce films under a multiyear partnership — but it is not yet known if any of the movies will be released into theaters, or solely on Apple’s iTunes or Apple Music streaming services.

Apple has been taking some tentative steps into producing original video content, but it’s also looking to expand its movie industry presence. Last year, Apple set aside $1 billion to create and produce scripted programming, but the company lags far behind the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon when it comes to building up its library of original TV shows and movies.

A24 is probably best known as the studio that produced “Moonlight,” the 2016 Oscar winner for best picture. Many of A24’s productions fall into the categories of art-house or independent movies and don’t have reputations for being box-office blockbusters.

Apple didn’t immediately return a request for comment about its relationship with A24.