If you’re not into football, or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and you’re in need of something to kill some time before you head off to your family feast and then are forced to deal with an uncomfortable political discussion with your ne’er-do-well brother-in-law who probably drank too much wine before dinner, well, Google has you covered.

On Thursday, as a Thanksgiving treat, Google Play is cutting the price of all movie rentals on its service to 99 cents. It’s a one-day deal, and once you make your purchase, you have 72 hours to watch your selection.

But, at 99 cents, it’s hard not to see the movie rental sale as a steal. Google Play normally charges $3.99 to $5.99 for new movie rentals.

The deal also goes beyond movie rentals. If you’ve ever wanted to subscribe to the Starz premium TV service, which normally costs $8.99 a month, Google Play is offering it for $5 a month for the first three months.

Deals also are available on full seasons of TV shows, such as HBO’s hit “Game of Thrones,” which can be had for $19.99 compared to its regular price of $38.99. Google Play is also offering discounts on a slate of apps, games, audiobooks and e-books.

And with all of those options at holiday-season sale prices, you can probably afford something that will take your attention away from that ne’er-do-well brother-in-law until he falls asleep on the sofa.