Behind every successful real estate transaction is a team of professionals collaborating their time and expertise to smooth the journey for buyers and sellers.

BRG Realty Corp (BRG), a pillar in the South Bay real estate market, is that team, the best-of-the-best agents and support staff who want to partner with exceptional resources, top-notch talent, and a proven record of success.

Shannon Farrell is the vice president of operations for BRG. 

Gregg Bunker, a real estate entrepreneur with 50 years of experience in the Silicon Valley real estate market, established BRG in 2019.

Bunker successfully ran one of the highest-producing Intero real estate offices in the Bay Area before BRG.

A developer and commercial property owner, Bunker is also co-owner of Silicon Valley Property Management Group, where he is dedicated to helping property owners and landlords manage their rentals and tenants. BRG’s reputation in the industry, its environment, culture and approach to real estate make it a destination for aspiring agents.

Top talent in the Bay Area and throughout California is currently being recruited.

BRG is attracting agents through a mixed program of email outreach, social media posts and Google Business Listing Promos. Discover how BRG stands out and compares to traditional realty companies and consider it your next real estate career move.

BRG is proud of its agents “who are independent entrepreneurial-minded real estate pros driven to succeed,” according to Bill Quell, a BRG marketing consultant.

“These agents desire to work with a real estate company that offers unequaled latitude to build their business on their terms with the support of an internal team plus a network of experts that span the spectrum of real estate disciplines,” he adds.

BRG’s office in the state-of-the-art, 25,000-square-foot Silicon Valley Business Center is located at 1900 Camden Ave. 

From in-house attorneys and transaction coordination to loan procurement, broker support, excellent marketing strategy, signage design, and more, BRG agents are equipped with the essential tools and support to secure success in the market.

BRG offers its agents incredible options, from working in state-of-the-art office space inside the Silicon Valley Business Center to the freedom to work from home or from essentially anywhere without compromising a personal, team environment. For those who opt for the Business Center, the 25,000-square-foot centrally located site at 1900 Camden Avenue is outfitted with conference rooms, computers, fax machines, scanners, printers, copiers, and wireless access. Weekly virtual meetings and consistent open communication keep everyone connected.

Ongoing training to help agents build their business is part of the weekly meetings and offers a wealth of information. Spearheaded and designed by Claudia Loans, founder of Wordflirt and BRG’s social media and website manager, the brief, to-the-point informative sessions cover topics such as how to optimize a LinkedIn profile, must-do’s when starting a real estate career, how to create a newsletter that clients will read, and more.

“A hallmark of BRG stems from our leader, Gregg Bunker,” says Quell, “and his unwavering dedication to the power of networking and leveraging the most successful and knowledgeable professionals to drive the success of the group as a whole while empowering every member of the network to take things as far as they choose on their terms.”

The opposite of a micromanager, Bunker is the “ultimate team builder.” Bunker believes “it is each member’s skills and drive that become the engine that powers the business while freeing everyone to do what they believe is right, and do it the right way.”

Part of that empowerment means BRG agents earn more and pay only $995 per transaction at closing. Agents do not pay office fees, do not split their commissions, do not pay a franchise fee and do not have to meet sales quotas.

Agents also receive their commission check directly from escrow on the closing day.

The first agent to join BRG in 2019 and now vice president, Shannon Farrell says she was inspired to join the team “because there are many brokerages that were offering discount prices to homeowners, but taking that discount from the agent’s commission.”

BRG gives the hardworking Realtors a break in costs, which is passed on to their clients.

Homeowners and Realtors both win, says Farrell. “Being a part of BRG “makes financial common sense,” Farrell says. “I love that we have a great location, a great group of people that surrounds me and a culture of optimism,” she adds. Silicon Valley Realtor Don Fernandez joined BRG Realty last year after a 40-year career as an award-winning television journalist and videographer, followed by work at a different brokerage.

Unlike his previous brokerage, where “much of my business costs were tied up in franchise, office and other fees,” BRG allows him the freedom to run his business from scheduling open houses whenever and wherever he wants to keeping higher commissions, which he adds, is a huge benefit to his wallet. He says his status as an independent contractor puts him in control of his own destiny.

Fellow BRG agent Lindy Latham also chose to join BRG last year “because I wanted control over my business.” A BRG agent, she says, is an experienced agent who is self-motivated and stays up-to-date with the market.

Working extensively with the public while in news translates easily to real estate. “I always tried my best to be honest, transparent, understanding and to earn a level of trust,” Fernandez says. “My background in journalism and videography helps me to communicate (with my clients) in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. I can also visualize how to market properties in a professional manner that is both pleasing to the eye and informative.

“I strive to put my clients ahead of my business interests in every transaction,” says Fernandez. Whether in TV news or real estate, the focus is on the person and their needs.

He offers his recipe for success: “Treat people with respect and satisfy their needs with honesty, integrity, and attention to detail. If you do these things, success will come to you.”

Gregg Bunker, founder and president of BRG, and Shannon Farrell. 

The new year brings new goals for the agency, including growing the number of agents from its current 40 to 100.

“This growth is important to foster a network of experts and activity that feeds off each other to create buying and selling opportunities for everyone,” says Quell. He explains that the larger the pool of agents, the more properties and relationships the team has immediate access to. Buyers and sellers all benefit from the assets of the internal team in addition to the marketplace at large. Expanding statewide will also enable agents to seamlessly serve buyers and sellers relocating throughout the state.

An “onboarding” resource team greets new agents and offers contact information for everything from the office manager to Vice President of Operations Shannon Farrell and President/Owner Gregg Bunker.

A tech guru, a social media expert and BRG website manager, a digital marketing professional, in-house legal counsel, an in-house short-sale negotiator, and a transaction coordinator are just a text, phone call or email away.

Fernandez suggests that agents interested in joining BRG “come in and spend time talking to our professionals and see what they have to offer.” He also recommends they talk to other brokerages and “make your own comparisons.”

“Seasoned professionals and those new to the business can thrive here,” he adds. “There is a winning team being built here. You can build your business here and build a personal network of success.”

“We want all our clients to know they are working with the best.”

Farrell adds that “a Realtor who loves what he/she does and has a high standard of exceptional client service” will fit with the BRG group. In turn, clients will have the confidence they have great representation at the negotiating table, a less stressful transaction, and will reach their real estate goals.

Agents are also backed by decades of real estate experience in Silicon Valley. BRG agents are proficient in helping their clients find or develop commercial properties, buying a dream home or preparing a home for a sale, and working with real estate investors looking for the next exciting project.

Real estate professionals are invited to visit to learn more about opportunities.

For anyone thinking of selling or buying a home contact us at 408-558-3600.

Note: BRG will have an open house networking mixer on January 27 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 1900 Camden Ave. in San Jose.