If anyone has learned anything in this age of internet-based streaming TV programming, it’s that there really is something for everyone.

And that doesn’t just mean finding a show on one of the three kingpins of the streaming TV industry: Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. There are free and paid apps that cater to practically any theme or interest someone might watch.

That thing might even be something that millions of people may find offensive, such as the InfoWars channel operated by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Roku found out just what a good piece of the public thought of its decision to allow the InfoWars channel onto its Channel Store when, late Tuesday, it removed InfoWars from its service less than two days after it made its Roku debut.

There are more than 5,000 channels on Roku’s Channel Store. With that much content, finding something that appeals to you probably ranks somewhere between “easy as pie” and “nigh near impossible.” There’s plenty of the usual suspects (Again, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are right there at the top). HBOGO, Showtime Anytime, ESPN — you name it, and it’s probably there on Roku’s Channel Store.

And is it ever there. The big names are just the beginning. If you really want to lose a good piece of your day, just start searching the Channel Store for, well, anything, and you will come up with just about anything you had never imagined you could, or would want to watch.

Here’s a look at what you might call 10 Out of the Ordinary Channels Available on Roku. And in the interest of full disclosure, we are not making any of these up.

Grammar Revolution TV

Didn’t learn how to write or speak “good” when you were in school? Maybe you just have fond memories of chalk squeaking on a chalkboard as your English teacher explained the difference between adverbs and adjectives back in sixth grade. Why watch the Warriors when you can enjoy the sport of sentence diagramming with Grammar Revolution TV?

DoPE 45

Did you know that in 1829, Congress was so concerned about what Andrew Jackson would do as president that the Department of Presidential Exchange (DoPE, get it?) was formed just in case Old Hickory need to be swapped out of the Oval Office? Now, the folks behind the DoPE 45 channel think the department may be needed for the current White House occupant.

Dictators Channel

Adolf Hitler. Josef Stalin. Kim Il-Sung. Saddam Hussein. The gang’s all here where you can watch and get “the scoop on all your favorite autocrats.”


Now, before you go clicking on this channel in the hope of seeing soothing views of places like, oh, the coastline of Maui, you should know that this channel is brought to you by the good folks at industrial giant DuPont Sustainable Solutions. And instead of getting a view of the coastline, what you see here is “access to our library of thousands of corporate training films.” Thousands. Really.


Spelling might not be this channel developer’s strong suit. The website rokuguide.com describes Infochammel as providing “no “real” content. The channel is a collection of very random videos, more of a hoax of a channel than anything else. Many, if not all, of the videos are in an “‘infomercial’ format that advertise nothing.” You can probably get a feel for how serious Infochammel takes itself from its description as “You’re next internet.” 

Beer, Steak and Potatoes

It’s “beautiful pics of beer, steak and potatoes.” Definitely not for teetotalers, vegans or those avoiding carbs.

The Weirdness Really Bad Movie Channel

Everything about the WRBM channel makes investing in a Roku device worth the money. It sounds like a sort-of cousin of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” it was inspired by a show in northeast Ohio that was run by a guy named “Big Chuck”, and it gleefully describes itself as “120 minutes of your life that you can never have back.” It also sounds like it would be perfect programming when dining on beer, steak and potatoes.

Anti Aging Gell

No, that is not a typo. The Anti Aging Gell channel seems to exist mainly to promote something called Somaderm, which, as the channel describes it, is “the only FDA approved over the counter Transdermal HGH gel on the market with out a prescription and no side effects.” (All spellings, correct and otherwise, are directly from the Anti Aging Gell channel.) Among the benefits of Somaderm are “better mood swings,” so grab a tube and start feeling better.

Mower Repair Channel

Gone are the days of your grandfather out in the yard, cigarette dangling from his mouth and a can of Schlitz in his hand as he worked that old-school push mower back and forth across the lawn. Today’s lawn mowers need more that just a blade sharpening from time to time, and the Mower Repair Channel has you covered with “reviews, photos, directions, cost, price, estimate, quote phone numbers and more for the best replacement parts, power equipment parts” and more from “factory certified trained techs” who, let’s hope, don’t drink while replacing that worn-out blade.


Bring the Copacabana to your living room. Barry’s in the house.