The high-tech CEO whose racist tirade against Asian-American diners at a Carmel Valley restaurant last week went viral has left his position at San Francisco-based Solid8, he confirmed in a statement.

British-born Michael Lofthouse, 37, said that he resigned as chief executive of the cloud transformation consultancy startup.

“I will make it my duty to ensure my personal actions do not continue to have a detrimental impact on those people closest to me,” he said in a statement released to Fox Business and other news media. “I have once again begun my journey back to sobriety and have enrolled in an anti-racist program with immediate effect. My comments towards the families involved were racist, hurtful and deeply inappropriate. The reactions to what was said have been deserved and I wholeheartedly acknowledge that I am complicit in a system that enables this behavior and these broken beliefs to exist but I am dedicated to changing.”

Lofthouse apologized last week after the video showing him shouting expletives at the family and telling them to “go back to whatever [expletive] Asian country you’re from.”

“Trump’s gonna f*** you,” he said on the video.

The video was taken by Jordan Chan, who was dining with her family at the Bernardus Lodge and Spa’s Lucia restaurant on July 4.  Raymond Orosa was celebrating his wife Mari’s birthday with the family.

The video has gone viral on social media after Chan’s friend posted it on Twitter. It was retweeted by country music singer Kelly Clarkson, who thanked an employee “for speaking up and throwing this trash out.”

A server, Gennica Cochran, was praised on social media for ordering Lofthouse to leave.

In the video, Cochran is shown saying, “You do not talk to our guests like that. They are valued guests. Get out.”

On Wednesday, Solid8 had posted a statement from Lofthouse on Twitter. Lofthouse wrote that his “behavior in the video is appalling.”

The tweet said: “To the Chan and Orosa families, Gennica Cochran and the restaurant Bernardus please accept my heartfelt and sincere apologies. I hope that the conversations and awareness that this incident has created can act as a catalyst for necessary change.”