Taco Bell is touched but unmoved by an online petition to keep the chain from removing Mexican Pizza from its menu.

It is one of several items the Irvine-based chain is retiring on Nov. 5 in an effort to streamline its menu and cut down on packaging waste.

The drive, launched by New Jersey resident Krish Jagirdar, has attracted nearly 125,000 supporters at Change.org.

In the petition, Jagirdar said losing the Mexican Pizza would be like losing a piece of childhood. It has been on Taco Bell’s menu since the 1980s.

It features ground beef and refried beans slathered on thin, crispy tortillas and topped with sauce, diced tomatoes and grated cheese.

In a statement, Taco Bell said it appreciates the loyalty but intends to go forward with streamlining its menu. It reads in part:

“Although saying goodbye was a tough decision to make, we’ve loved the passion and energy our fans have showed us and want them to know we’re always listening and we care.”

Information: tacobell.com