The Girl Scouts are whetting your cookie appetite six months early.

On Tuesday, they announced a 10th flavor will join the sales lineup in February 2023, and it’s a “sister” cookie to the top-selling Thin Mints. Called the Raspberry Rally, the cookie is infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the familiar chocolate coating.

The Rally will join Samoas, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Adventurefuls and Thin Mints when the Northern California cookie season commences on Feb. 1. Sales will run through March 19.

But unlike the Thin Mints, you won’t find the new cookie sold at booths outside grocery stores. Instead, it will be the first cookie to be “exclusively offered through online sale and direct shipment only,” the Scouts announced.

The idea is to bolster the young saleswomen’s digital skills.

“Our entrepreneurs have been engaging more and more in e-commerce and digital marketing in addition to in-person sales to reach their goals,” Marina Park, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northern California, said in Tuesday’s announcement. “We want to support them in their new ventures as they learn important business best practices that will undoubtedly be useful to them now and in their future.”

According to the Scouts, 72% of the 15,500 NorCal cookie entrepreneurs in 2022 set up a digital online shop — an increase of 23% over the number of online shops for the 2021 season.

All proceeds from cookie sales go to the local troops’ enrichment programs, camping and other outdoor activities, financial aid and more.