A malicious internet attack on San Bruno’s municipal cable company led to disruptions in internet and telephone service around the city Saturday, officials said.

The outages affected “significant portions of the city’s network,” a recorded message on the San Bruno Municipal Cable TV company’s phone line said, and are “the result of a malicious internet protocol attack.”

Service was restored shortly before 7 p.m., but officials asked customers to contact San Bruno Cable if they remained without service.

San Bruno is one of only a handful of West Coast cities with its own publicly owned cable network, which provides internet, television and phone service to roughly half of the households in the city of 43,000.

A tech support worker at the cable company said his office had been inundated with calls from residents experiencing problems with their service.

“They’ve been having slow speeds, frequent disconnects, or have been totally offline,” said the employee, who declined to give his name and said no one was available to discuss the incident because their office was closed on the weekend.

A San Bruno police department spokesperson said it was not yet involved in investigating the issue and referred requests for comment to the cable company.

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