Tesla has already made the Model 3 the most important car with regards to the company’s future. Now, Tesla wants you to think that the Model 3 is the best car for feeling good about yourself when you buy the electric vehicle.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Tesla said its Model 3 sedan is now “100% leather-free.” The move comes after CEO Elon Musk said at the company shareholders’ meeting in June that a leather-free version of the car was in the works.

So, in addition to not needing any fossil fuels to run, the Model 3 will be without any animal products when you get behind the steering wheel.

And it is that steering wheel that was the final piece for Tesla to make an entirely leather-free Model 3 a reality, as the company determined how to make a heated steering wheel that used non-leather material.

Tesla said its Model 3 cars will now come with interiors that have synthetic leather on seats, trim panels, the dashboard and other area. All of Teslas car seats are also manufactured in-house by the company.

Tesla has also said its Model Y crossover vehicle will come with a leather-free interior when it makes its debut next year.

The Model 3 has quickly become Tesla’s most popular vehicle. During the second quarter of this year, Tesla sold 77,634 Model 3 cars out of the 95,356 total vehicles it sold during the three months that ended in June.