Mutiny, a personalized marketing startup for businesses that sell to other businesses, is taking the stage today at TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield, where it’s announcing new funding and new features.

CEO Jaleh Rezaei told me that she and co-founder Nikhil Mathew created Mutiny to solve a problem they saw as early employees at HR services company Gusto — trying to personalize their messages to different sales prospects.

With Mutiny, they’ve built easy-to-use tools allowing marketers to show different landing pages to different customers. To do this, the product draws on pre-built data integrations to identify customer segments, then allows customers to use a visual editor to build different versions of landing pages for those segments.

“When we think about the B2B journey, it has changed quite a bit,” Rezaei said. “Today, 67% of that B2B buyer’s journey is online. Without engineering, it’s really hard to change that journey and have an impact. What’s exciting about Mutiny is we empower these great marketers to improve their customer experience without that constant dependence on technical teams.”

Mutiny was part of the Summer 2018 class at accelerator Y Combinator. Rezaei said that shortly after demo day, the startup raised $3 million in funding from Cowboy Ventures, Uncork Capital and various angel investors.

It’s since added features to support targeted, account-based marketing. Rezaei said Mutiny pulls account data from Salesforce, cleaning it up and surfacing it, so that when a prospective customer responds to your marketing, they could end up on a landing page showing their own name, title and company.

Mutiny dashboard

For example, Brex is creating landing pages for its email marketing campaigns, where each page shows the recipient’s name and company; Gusto is tailoring landing pages based on the AdWords search terms that brought a prospective customer to that page; and Amplitude is customizing landing pages based on company size and other attributes.

As a result, Mutiny says Brex has seen a 200% lift in outbound leads, while Amplitude has increased all inbound leads by more than 40%. (Other customers include Segment, Carta, TripActions and Elastic.) 

Today, Mutiny is also announcing that it will offer personalized recommendations to marketers. So if all these ideas are new to you, the product can recommend specific customer segments that you should consider personalizing for based on things like your traffic data and conversion data.

Mutiny can also create entire “playbooks,” recommending not just the segment to personalize, but what that personalized experience should look like for that segment.

“The goal of Mutiny is always to make personalization really easy and really guided,” Rezaei said.