Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled his hyped Cybertruck Thursday night, and things didn’t go exactly to plan.

The radical design drew an array of reactions from users on social media. Some people loved the futuristic design while others hated it. Many just thought it was too over the top. Whatever the case, people won’t have a lukewarm reaction to Tesla’s design.

Along with insane unusual look, the presentation didn’t go perfectly. When Musk wanted to show off how tough the vehicle was, he had a presenter hit it with a sledgehammer. That went fine, but when he asked him to throw a metal ball at the window, it unsurprisingly it shattered. He did it again with the same result. Apparently, the models armored windows couldn’t withstand that.

The unveiling was the butt of jokes online and was used in several memes. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

Someone wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog style redesignhttps://twitter.com/ScottTheAmazing/status/1197744598757412865

Everyone brought up this episode of “The Simpsons.” https://twitter.com/Ben_Lombardo_/status/1197754865599959040https://twitter.com/WeaversFactory/status/1197749017796644865

Did we mention it looks like it’s made out of polygons from really old video games?https://twitter.com/xxSaberLynx/status/1197748931574284289https://twitter.com/kelslewin/status/1197741487062077440https://twitter.com/deliciousbees/status/1197737752038531072https://twitter.com/NesToPROD/status/1197752313026203648

Everyone is going to tell their kid that the Cybertruck looks like thishttps://twitter.com/yadeer_/status/1197736994589175809https://twitter.com/Tor_H/status/1197751391617306624

Let’s bring that one picture of Elon Musk backhttps://twitter.com/alby13/status/1197736815022624768

“The Running Man” is real life now