In the week that has passed since Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk unveiled the company’s new Cybertruck, there have been no shortage of opinions about the futuristic-looking ride with its sharp angles and stainless steel exterior.

Some have been challenging, such as when an official from Ford proposed a tug-of-war between the Cybertruck and a Ford F-150 pickup. Some have been critical and cheeky, like some of the initial reactions to the Cybertruck on social media channels. Lego even went so far as to tweet out a picture of a “truck” that was made of wheels and three Lego pieces, and which Lego said was “guaranteed shatterproof” in reaction to the Cybertruck’s windows shattering during a demonstration at the vehicle’s unveiling on Nov. 21.

So, if on one end there is Tesla building a Cybertruck out of stainless steel, and Lego building its version of the truck out of Legos on the other, is there some kind of Cybertruck-making material that could fall somewhere in the happy middle of the Cybertruck spectrum?

How about mashed potatoes?

Such a possibility became a reality when Twitter user Dan Milano posted photos, and video, of his brother Greg using his Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes to build a pretty realistic-looking version of the Cybertruck.

“My brother has been working on a mashed potato Cybertruck for over an hour,” Milano originally tweeted. As his brother progressed with his design, Dan Milano continued to post updates as the Cybertruck took form.

“Lookin pretty sweet,” Dan Milano tweeted as the mashed potato Cybertruck neared completion. “Now he’s scooping out the back.”

Before too long, Greg Milano had put the Cybertruck’s ramp down, and, eventually, the lure of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes became too much for him to take as he drenched his Cybertruck sculpture in gravy and dug in.

Dan Milano finally posted a side-by-side photo comparison of Tesla’s Cybertruck and his brother’s creation, which really did pay homage to the real thing.

“He ate every bite,” Dan Milano tweeted. “Next time, a sweet potato ATV.”

Tesla didn’t respond to a request for comment about Greg Milano’s edible Cybertruck sculpture. But, maybe Tesla might take a look at the possibility of using mashed potatoes as building material in future versions of the vehicle?

After all,Tesla itself says of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body that “If there was something better, we’d use it.”